Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Bots, Spyware, Back Doors. All nasty, vicious and very unwelcome forms of malicious software. Or Malware as it’s known. (See what they did there?)

The world has its fair share of evil geniuses eager to infiltrate your computer systems and steal your data, your bank details, your passwords and possibly your first-born child.* Or keen to add your computer to their vast networks so that they can spew out yet more offers of dodgy pharmaceuticals. Or launch DoS attacks to extort hard earned cash from some hapless enterprise.

Happily, we have the weapons to fight back.

You may prefer to wear pants

Like mighty warriors ranged against the enemy, we can give you the tools to build a fortress around your data and protect you from the ravening hordes.

If only it were as exciting as that. In truth, it’s really quite dull, but the important thing is that you can leave all such worries to us and sleep easy of a night knowing that we are protecting your IT systems 24/7. Letting you get on with the things you do best.

Our antivirus solutions deliver proactive protection and detect and protect from more malware than other antivirus products. And at a reasonable price, to boot.

Call us on 01737 373212 or send us a message and find out how we can deliver peace of mind in the constant battle against the bad guys.


*OK, probably not your first-born child.

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