Cloud Computing


What is The Cloud? Where is The Cloud? Is that it up there?

Dunno Toto, but I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Let’s face it, “The Cloud” is just a fancy-pants way of saying t’internet. But it’s having a profound effect on the way we store, access and manipulate the data and applications that are the life-blood of every business.

Instead of accessing data and applications that reside either on individual PCs and/or servers, everything is accessed through your broadband connection.

This means that when flood, fire, a plague of locusts or just plain old age causes that vital hard drive to perish, you can carry on regardless.


Secure Hosting
Automatic Backup
Failover strategies to mitigate outage
Cost effective
Remote access for mobile workers
Team collaboration


Erm…not many.

You need sufficient bandwidth of course. Although nothing too outrageous for this day and age.

If your internet connection fails for whatever reason, then you can’t access your applications and data. But with most ISPs offering uptime guarantees of 99.9%, it happens a lot less frequently than server failure. And there are also other fail-safes you can build in.


There are now so many well-established, highly successful Cloud solutions available that deciding which might be the right one to drive your business forward can be a little baffling. We, however, laugh in the face of such challenges. So give us a call or drop us an email on our contact form and let us have a chat about which Cloud solution might be right for you.

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