Databases and CRM

Even as we glide from the digital age towards the nano age, there are still many small to medium size businesses whose vital data on customers and suppliers, sales and prospects is held on a spreadsheet.

This is generally perceived to be a BAD IDEA.

Another Bad Idea

But so often, this is how SME’s evolve and then, trying to untangle all that data and put it into a more coherent package becomes so daunting that it’s easier just to maintain the status quo.

The good news is that there are lots of options now available that can transform the way you store, process and manipulate data and that can revolutionise the way you organise your sales, marketing and customer relationships.

Whether the solution be in-house, based on a database management system like MySQL, MS SQL Server or Sybase – or a hosted CRM solution like Salesforce, Zoho or Microsoft Dynamics CRM – IT Planning can help you navigate through these confusing waters and provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution for your enterprise.

Hosted CRM

While there is undoubtedly still a place in the world for In-house CRM, particularly for large organisations that require elaborate customisation and who can afford to pay for it, many small to medium enterprises are taking the Hosted CRM option.

Hosted CRM reduces software and consulting costs, improves management of business relationships and significantly increases return on investment.

Furthermore, many Hosted CRM solutions interface beautifully with other software packages. For instance, should you already subscribe to Office 365, the highly adaptable Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly and, given that it follows an affordable subscription model, isn’t going to make you weep over your bank statement.

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