Hardware and Software


Let’s face it. It’s not rocket science buying your own Hardware and Software.



There’s memory and operating systems and RAM and laptops and desktops and workstations and tablets. There’s HDD and SDD and DDR and SATA and cores and motherboards and processors and graphics cards and sound cards. (We could go on. We frequently do.)

And then there are the peripherals – printers and monitors and keyboards and mouseses and speakers and endless miles of different cables.

And as for software…well…finding the right thing for the right job is one thing but then there are the updates, the upgrades, the upsides and the upsets.

Of course you could do all of this yourself.

You could spend hours and hours of your precious time poring over catalogues and web reviews until you think you’re sure you’ve pinpointed the right bit of kit to shell out your hard earned cash on.

You could lie awake all night wondering whether you’ve done the right thing.

You could put up with that member of your team who, presented with a shiny new laptop, screams. “But I wanted Intel, not AMD!”


You could leave the whole painful business to IT Planning. We do this sort of thing every day. We pore over those reviews so you don’t have to. We have our finger on the pulse of trends and developments to ensure that we supply hardware and software that isn’t going to be obsolete by half-past-lunchtime. And because we’re authorised resellers for lots of manufacturers, we can get GREAT PRICES.

Now, doesn’t that sound much better?

IT Planning – bringing you Order out of Chaos.


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