Integrated Telecoms


It’s time to ditch the switchboard!

Bring all of your business telecoms under one roof with mobile and VoIP integration and take control of your calls and your expenditure.

Communicate seamlessly across your whole organisation, regardless of where you, your team or your offices might be. Be in when you’re out by forwarding your office calls to your mobile. Or have all your calls transferred to another team member while you’re on the golf course in that important meeting.

Grow your telecoms as your business grows. Our hosted VoIP Solutions can quickly accommodate new users with add-ons enabled off site.

IT Planning’s integrated telecoms solutions can simplify and rationalise your telecoms requirements at prices that will surprise you. In a good way. And because IT Planning is not tied to any provider or network we can put together a package that’s best for you at a price that’s best for you.

The Magic of VoIP

It’s the reinvention of the wheel. Or it would be if telecoms were round and spokey.

No longer do we have to put up with inferior call quality over antiquated analogue lines. Voice over Internet Protocol harnesses the vast digital power of internet networks allowing seamless communication between multiple devices.

Let mobile speak unto desk phone, let desk phone speak unto tablet and let tablet speak unto PC. And any combination thereof.

Doesn’t matter how many office locations you have, how many remote workers you have and how many desk phones. VoIP systems give you complete control, complete integration and a complete understanding of your telecoms spend.

Mobile Phones

Not only can we at IT Planning supply you with the best and most cost-effective VoIP solution, we can also source affordable smartphone deals for the complete Integrated Telecoms package.

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By VoIP, of course.

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